Podcast 5. Benjamin Wilson (Class of 2010): Internet Entrepreneur and Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders

In the fifth of our six-episode podcast series we present a conversation with Benjamin Wilson.

Benji Wilson (Class of 2010) was accepted by a US College in New York to play basketball. Soon after he dropped out and moved to Brazil with his five best friends. He started an online eCommerce store to support himself and learnt a lot of lessons in life and business along the way.

Since then, he has lived in eight different countries in the last eight years and scaled his businesses to over seven figures. In between this, he also managed time for an appearance on Australia Survivor: Champions V Contenders.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Memories of MHS and the different experience of entering in Year 11
  • Resisting the myth of the silver bullet – how having the right attitude and work ethic is far more important than finding a shortcut
  • Trade-offs between short-term happiness and long-term satisfaction, and getting an understanding of ‘second order consequences’
  • Starting online businesses at age 14 – selling PlayStation Portable memory cards on eBay
  • How to ‘limit the downside’ to make any big decisions far less risky
  • Trying a lot of different approaches until you find something that works (knowing that most attempts will fail)
  • Being ahead of the curve – early Twitter influencer, early on Amazon self publishing, early on Fulfilment By Amazon, early on making online courses
  • Spotting the next trend and riding the wave, but also knowing when to get off and start looking for the next one
  • Picking the right network and the correct people to learn from
  • Being analytical and skeptical when you see an online ‘guru’ trying to pitch you on the next get rich quick scheme
  • Being a Contender on Australian Survivor Season 3

View some of Benji’s online courses here: https://www.udemy.com/user/benjaminwilson/

If you have questions or comments at any time, please direct them to podcast@mhsoba.asn.au